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Sydney Rock Oyster Farm

Magno Barros explores what life has to offer after 50.

In this episode he visits an oyster farm to explore the secrets of cooking with oysters and what makes Sydney Rock Oysters the best in the world.

Oysters - how to open oysters
Oyster farm

In between, he gets to work at an oyster farm cleaning and flipping oyster bags and learns how to shuck an oyster. All this in the company of Tim Jones, an oyster farmer in Merimbula who, at 51, has created a business and lifestyle which he will enjoy for years to come.

Magno Barros - Oyster farm
Dogs in Australia, oyster farm

This experience would not be complete without a visit to Wheeler's, a local restaurant specialized in Sydney Rock oysters, where Deb, Betty and I enjoyed some of the best oyster recipes in Australia, including Kilpatrick oysters and much more.

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best oyster recipes
Delicious sandwiches

Merimbula, on the south coast of New South Wales, Australia, is an incredible culinary destination. Two places I recommend visiting are Wheeler's Seafood Restaurant (managed by Jacqui Smith and featured in this episode) and the site for our opening images - Merimbula Top Lake Boat Hire & Sunsets Kiosk, owned by super friendly Robbie Robertson, and where you can rent boats or simply enjoy one of their mouth watering sandwiches while enjoying the view.

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