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Flying Like a Bird

In this episode I'm meeting Richard Weatherly in his beautiful farm.

He is a well-known artist who specialized in painting birds.

So, I'm taking him on a flying experience to show him what it's like to be a bird.

What is it like to fly like an eagle? To feel the wind beneath our "wings".

We're going to find out!

This is Richard Weatherly, we met in his beautiful property outside Melbourne. He told me his art career started in a very unusual way while studying history in Cambridge...

"I was asked by a gallery in London to produce sculptures and then another gallery asked me to produce paintings, as a result of that exhibition ."

A Brush with Birds is Richard's new book!

"It's the first time I've written about my own life. Some of the experiences I've been lucky enough to have in my lifetime".

In your current book, his favourite painting shows yellow tail black cockatoos in the Grampians, called over the range.

He has been in contact with aboriginal communities, and from that experience, he learned "the

value of belonging to the land of seeing the land as something that is part of you rather than something that you control. I just think it's an absolutely invaluable viewpoint"

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Of the sounds of Australia which his favourite is the song of the Australian magpie

He has also painted them many times, especially baby magpies because "their character is so obvious, they look so helpless people empathize with them".

Of all the regions he has seen in Australia, his favourites (and mine too) are "the southwest coast of Victoria, the 12 apostles, of course the red dirt centre is just gloriously beautiful".

the 12 apostles in Australia. Photo by Magno Barros

On which superpower he discovered after his 50s, he thinks "a major superpower is that you have experience and you have seen so many situations occur before and while they seem unique when they occur, then you have experiences to what way it's going to pan out".

Magno Barros from Skydiving.

Richard has been painting birds for over 50 years, but he won't know what it feels like to be a bird till he has flown. So, I to invited him to go flying with me. He accepted promptly!

Our experience was at iFly Melbourne and After some flight instructions it was time to fly.

At 73, Richard continues to be creative and to do what he loves. It's a testament to the fact age should not be a limitation and it should never stop us from spreading our wings, and flying...

Learn more about Richard Weatherly's beautiful art work on his site and on his Instagram @rw_environmentalartist

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