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Mosaic of life

Think you are too old to pursue your dreams? Then meet Terry, my neighbour and the creator of our mosaics. Terri started making mosaics in her 60s.

This story is a tribute to all people aged 50, 60, 90 ... who continue to create and live life in their own way.

Discover mosaics made from pieces of teapots from Japan, 18th century porcelain, semi-precious stones from New Guinea, broken glass ... All of this adorning the walls of a garden built by a 73-year-old woman: Terri.

She became an artist after retirement and is loving it. Its mosaics are very similar to the Trecadís that Gaudí created in Barcelona.

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In this episode, we visited Terri's secret garden, surrounded by brick walls built by herself, brick on brick. She tells us that this was something her mother would do, so she didn't think twice about starting the project.

Terri also shows us how to build our own mosaic using pieces of porcelain, a clock representing time, and in the center, the maternal figure.

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