Building a street library...

Have you ever seen a street library and wondered how to build one? I did, so I decided to build one for my community and immediately received donations of boxes of books and an old cabinet.

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The old cabinet needed a good paint job, so I invited Jackie Karin, an author of children's books, to help me paint it.

I love dogs, so I decided to include a dog library at the bottom shelf. Our neighbours and their dogs loved the street library, sharing books and pet toys.

We also had a rooftop build and donated by David Hutchison, to help keep books nice and dry...

We finished the day having a friendly dog competition.

Will my dog Stevie win this time?

Visit to learn more about the book I read in this episode: "The Amazing Case of Dr Ward", illustrated by Tull Suwannakit and published by Ford Street. It tells the interesting story of an Englishman who created a system to transport plants safely across the oceans. I was so curious about his experiment, I decided to try it myself.

But that's another story!

Our street library is part of a network of nearly 3000 units in Australia alone. To learn more, please check

Hope to see you on our next So50 experience...