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Building a street library...

Have you ever seen a street library and wondered how to build one? I did, so I decided to build one for my community and immediately received donations of boxes of books and an old cabinet.

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The old cabinet needed a good paint job, so I invited Jackie Karin, an author of children's books, to help me paint it.

Jackie Karin and Magno Barros recording the Street Library episode for

I love dogs, so I decided to include a dog library at the bottom shelf. Our neighbours and their dogs loved the street library, sharing books and pet toys.

Jackie Karin and Magno Barros recording the Street Library episode for

We also had a rooftop build and donated by David Hutchison, to help keep books nice and dry...

Street library idea created for the So50 episode
Street Library created for

We finished the day having a friendly dog competition.

Will my dog Stevie win this time?

Jackie Kerry and Magno Barros holding books donated to the Street Library episode for

Visit to learn more about the book I read in this episode: "The Amazing Case of Dr Ward", illustrated by Tull Suwannakit and published by Ford Street. It tells the interesting story of an Englishman who created a system to transport plants safely across the oceans. I was so curious about his experiment, I decided to try it myself.

But that's another story!

Our street library is part of a network of nearly 3000 units in Australia alone. To learn more, please check

Hope to see you on our next So50 experience...


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