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Ida After 50...

love after 50 - Ageing Reframed Series - Image by Magno Barros - SO50

IDA - Ageing Reframed Series

"Coaches approached me with offers to train, but lost interest upon learning my age."

The only person who can limit your potential to succeed is yourself, yet many people believe that as we age, it's not possible to develop muscles or improve athletic skills. This is a myth and older adults have just as much potential to build muscle and improve athletic abilities as a younger person.

The human body is capable of producing new muscle fibers throughout life, if the proper stimulus and nutrition are provided. Regular strength training and physical activity can help older adults increase muscle mass and improve overall fitness. We may also have more time and experience to dedicate to physical activities which will translate in better performance.

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Ageing Reframed

Pictures have the power to tell a story, and changing the picture can change the story. Positive ageing advocate and So50 founder, Magno Barros, uses his unique blend of photography

and AI to challenge traditional views of ageing.

Magno's images showcase the beauty and strength of older adults, instead of perpetuating negative stereotypes of frailty and decline. His subjects are depicted as proud, confident,

and independent, with their maturity – such as grey hair and wrinkles – accentuated and celebrated. The jewellery they wear symbolises the wealth of knowledge and wisdom they have gained through life experience.

By embracing technology, Magno sets an example of how it is never too late to take on new challenges and experiences. At 56 years old, he is a testament to the idea that age is

just a number and that it is possible to continue growing and evolving, no matter what our birth certificate may say.


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