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AI Workshops + Portraits

Experience transformative storytelling through AI-generated portraits.

Bridging technology and personal narratives, our innovative workshops redefine the art of aging


Portraits are crafted by inputting life stories into AI, generating images representing key aspects of participants' journeys. These images undergo refinement using art software, resulting in striking final pieces. This fusion of storytelling and technology offers a data-driven representation of individual life journeys, showcasing the efficacy of our unique and innovative methodology.


The workshop serves as a bridge across the technological gap, providing an interactive session to acquaint participants with the role of AI technology in crafting personalized portraits. This engaging process involves facilitated activities that encourage participants to share their life experiences and cultural insights, fostering a dynamic exchange of stories.


These AI-generated portraits serve as artifacts, powerful conduits of life journeys that spark public discourse. Utilized in exhibits, they prompt reflection on diverse topics, from ageing to broader aspects of life. Personal identities are protected, ensuring a respectful platform for sharing and debating stories.

Recognition + Prizes

Garnering public interest, my work has been featured in articles, invited to international workshops, and achieved notable sales in art fairs. These accolades include multiple awards, recognizing it as the best digital art. This widespread acclaim highlights the profound impact of AI-generated portraits, bridging art, technology, and the human experience.

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Magno Barros

As a passionate listener to the rich stories of older adults, I transform their narratives into exquisite AI-generated portraits, capturing the essence of their life journeys. This creative process opens avenues for dialogue about the intersection of personal narratives and cutting-edge technology.

Ageing Reframed by Magno Barros founder of SO50 captured the imagination of delegates from more than 50 countries at the IFA 16th Global Conference on Ageing in Bangkok in 2023.  The ART-ifacts were mesmerising, memorable and thought provoking in bridging evidence to action.  A must-see collection

Jane Barratt, Secretary General, International Federation on Ageing

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