77 Fitzroy St, St Kilda


Tethya is a public sculpture on the corner of Fitzroy and Jackson streets. It's the work of Alex Goad, designer and artist who has created amazing sculptures using marine life as inspiration. Alex's biomorphic post-minimalist sculptures can be found in museums around the world.

And if you like art, check out St Kilda's amazing Linden New Art Gallery. Their post card show is coming up soon. With over 1,000 mini masterpieces to see - every work measuring exactly 8 x 10” - this exhibition will include work by artists at all stages of their career, from across Australia. 

Across from the statue, on number 77, Renew Fitzroy has commissioned a new mural and will bring in new tenants to that space.

Look toward 79 Fitzroy st and you will see the brand-new Victorian Pride Centre, a beautiful architectural, purpose-built centre to for Australia's LGBTIQ+ communities. You will find the last QR code placed on one of the curved front colonnades.



1) Take a photo of at this location and post it on your social media with the hashtag #renewfitzroy for a chance to win a DELICIOUS coffee at the next stop.

2) Check-in below as we get close to the end of our Mystery Walk

3) Look for QR code placed on one of the curved front colonnades of the Victorian Pride Centre