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Wild Horses at Cotopaxi

At the base of Cotopaxi, an active vulcano in Ecuador, I found an incredibly beautiful herd of wild horses. They were introduced in the region by the Spanish 'conquistadores' 500 years ago.

They wander free amongst llamas, cougars and other wild animals but their majesty is incomparable.

There are over 200 of these beautiful creatures. One interesting feature I found across the herd is the entangled mane which reminded me of modern tribal haircuts.

I learned that every year, government allows local farmers to capture a number of these horses to work in their farms. It helps to control their numbers and their impact on the ecosystem... What is your opinion? Are you in favour of that practice?

A summary of this experience is registered in this photo, a smile showing happiness and gratitude for the opportunity of visiting such a uniquely beautiful place. The best part of the experience was about to start though, but that is another story, for another post...


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