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The Kaumatua's Tapestry of Life

In the AI-inspired portrait The Kaumatua's Tapestry of Life, shows how Ranginuy's life story is woven with threads of Maori tradition, community, and the profound role of a kaumatua. Rather than following the path of traditional weaving with flax and native fibers, she became a different kind of weaver, intricately connecting her community, bridging the past and present, and promoting the rich Maori culture.

Maori elder represented in AI, Artificial Intelligence art work by Magno Barros,

The Kaumatua's Tapestry of Life

In the tapestry of her life, Ranginuy's grandmother was the warp and weft, the guiding force that linked her to the ancient ways of the Maori. She was a living connection to a world where the land and the sea provided, where eels were hunted, and sandy beaches were their playgrounds. Ranginuy's grandmother, an accomplished weaver herself, passed on the knowledge and spirit of weaving, grounding her in the traditions of the Maori.

As she matured, Ranginuy embarked on her own journey, one that led her to embrace the role of a kaumatua. In this role, she became a guardian of the family, much like her grandmother, who followed the beliefs of the Anglican Church while still embracing Maori culture. Ranginuy's path mirrored her grandmother's, a fusion of cultural influences where both tradition and spirituality coexisted harmoniously.

Ranginuy, he kaumatua tapu, Ka whakapau kaha i nga tikanga o te ra. Ko te taura whenua, ko te ahurea ra, Ka whakawhana, ka whakapau hikoi, ka whakanui.

Today, Ranginuy finds herself at the heart of her community, threading together the values, practices, and the enduring spirit of the Maori people. She has become a modern-day kaumatua, embodying the traditions and values of her ancestors, while also serving as a guiding light to a new generation.

Her journey, as told through The Kaumatua's Tapestry of Life, represents a powerful link to the Maori past, a testament to the strength of tradition in a world that continually evolves. Ranginuy's story is an ode to the enduring spirit of the Maori, a reminder that the essence of their culture lives on through those who weave its threads into the fabric of today's society.

SO50 logo, ageing positive, Magno Barros

Ranginuy is a fictional character whose story draws inspiration from the life experiences of a Kaumatua affiliated with the Rauawaawa Kaumatua Charitable Trust in Hamilton, New Zealand. Magno Barros was invited by RKCT to collaborate with groups of Maori elders (Kaumatua), introducing them to AI technology and capturing their ageing stories into ART-tifacts, which were created based on their narratives.

This captivating image and story are the fruits of the innovative SO50 workshop, which empowers older adults to embrace AI - Artificial Intelligence technology and intertwine it with real-life tales. It's a testament to the power of learning and new experiences as we age, a mission championed by SO50. Magno Barros led this transformative initiative, showcasing the incredible potential of lifelong learning.

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