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The art of James Turrell

James Turrel, 78yo, is truly sensational...

I became a fan after "experiencing" some of his work, all incredible.

He combines architecture, sculpture, light, magic... and creates installations which challenge our senses.

These photos were taken in Canberra, and are of the "Within Without" installation at the National Gallery of Australia. It's located in a public garden and from the outside it looks like a mountain covered in green. The unexpected happens when you enter the space...

The interior combines water pools, stone and earthy walls. Above, openings which force you to look up and contemplate the sky but also let in light which transforms the space. It's exhilarating and beautiful.

This installation can be visited any time of day or night. On my next trip to Canberra I want to experience it at night, preferably under a full moon. It must be incredible.

Stevie was allowed to wander through the exhibit. And why not?

In future posts I will show some of the artist's work in Tasmania. In the meantime, check out an installation he built inside a volcano. Click HERE


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