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The Amazing Airbnb Train

This video is dedicated to mothers of children living in distant lands and unable to reunite during the pandemic years. It speaks about the desire expats, like me, have to keep their beloved ones integrated into their daily life, despite distances. Ultimately, it helps to create collective memories through story telling.

Why a letter? It's through storytelling that my mom is able to visualize places I visited and people I met while living in the US, Canada and Australia. That is how she remembers names and stories as if she had travelled with me. By adding images and sound to this story, I wish to add more colour and emotion to her experience...

Our train was built in 1926 at the Newport Railway Workshop in Melbourne as First Class carriage (61 AW) and transported travellers throughout regional Victoria. It now lives in Forrest, Victoria, where I spent a wonderful weekend.

Gum Tree / Eucalyptus flower / Australia

The owners did such a wonderful restoration job and brining the old train back to life. The fireplace and a fully functional kitchen were huge plus. Our bedroom was very comfortable and had that "Orient Express" vibe with the velvet chairs and curtains.

Paper flower / - Xerochrysum bracteatum / Australia

Ever since I visited Indonesia, I have been obsessed with outdoor showers and was eager to try out the old bathtub at the back of the wagon. I just love the feeling of being integrated to nature... connected to the elements.

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Lemon Scented Tea Tree - Leptospermum petersonii / Australian native

During one of our walks, Stevie caught the eye of this friendly llama. I was lucky to capture the moment their noses met. I also saw a few kangaroos, a goat and the amazing Bowerbird, an incredible Australian bird known for building structures and decorating tit with blue coloured objects to attract a mate. A real treat!

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