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Star Monroe, 51, London

I discovered Star some time ago. She exuded that self-confidence and strength that seems to come with maturity and life experience. It shows in her body language, in the way she looks and speaks. It's that energy - that ‘je nes sais quoi’ - I want to capture and share with those of you who might be grappling with your own midlife crisis.

In her 30s, Star had her own struggles. "I used to be an addict; an alcoholic; I was bankrupt". Then in her 40s and with the end of her second marriage, she lost herself again. Thousands of women who have faced similar difficulties in their lives identify with and are drawn to Star. She is an inspiration. Living proof that we can reclaim control of our lives and turn them around, at any age.

Star Monroe is not afraid to speak of the dark moments in her life, of alcoholism, drug addiction and failed marriages. On the contrary, she embraces them as part of the process which forged the stronger, self-loving, self-caring woman she became.

The real transformation began during her trip to Bali in 2018. Perhaps it was the slower pace of life, their spirituality, their culture, the natural beauty of their beaches and forests, or perhaps just being independent, solitary and far from home. Whatever it was, it triggered the realization she wanted to change.

Travel can do that... We see ourselves in a different light, far removed from all the noise, expectations and emotional pollution that normally surrounds us. For Star, it was a moment of awakening, of realising she was no longer a victim. It was time to take her power back... And that's exactly what she did!

Now, at 51, she feels more self-confident and wise, trusting her inner voice, her intuition. She feels she can walk through the world, head held high, knowing who she is, what she deserves and most importantly, where she is heading to. That’s what Star feels it is to be sexy at a mature age: "it's not sexuality! “It's about owning who we are in midlife... Dressing how we want”... “shaking off all the old conditioning, so we can really be who we want to be".

When asked what her recipe for ageing positively is, she recommends “ditching the busyness; saying a firm goodbye to our victim archetype; reclaiming our innate power; stepping into who you really are by doing the inner work; having way more fun; amping up the pleasure; following your core desires even if it scares the hell out of you!” “And really, that’s how I live my life!”

Life in general excites Star, especially her coaching business - helping midlife women navigate through changes; reclaim their power and ultimately love themselves for who they are. She is passionate to teach people how to live life on their own terms. No wonder she cites Joan Collins, Vivienne Westwood and Diane Von Furstenberg as inspirational role models. Or as she refers to them, her “royal board of advisors“.

Finally, Star’s advice to someone struggling with ageing:

"Surround yourself and seek out the women and men who are owning the f*** out of midlife and beyond; who are doing things differently; who are dressing differently; who are stepping away from societal conditioning and living life on their terms. Tune off the outside noise; stop reading magazines; stop looking at things that drain your energy and really tune in to YOU!"

Whether you are in your 20s, or are well over 50, if you are ever needing that extra boost of confidence and inspiration for hi-vibe energy, do check out Star Monroe on and @msstarmonroe ...


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