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Morgana Muses, 56, Melbourne

Divorced and sexually repressed, Morgana decided that she needed to experience sexual pleasure once in her life. She booked an escort and planned a trip to the city…
Morgana Muse and Magno Barros show how to age positively at So50

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Like a phoenix from the ashes, Morgana has risen from the ruins of a repressed upbringing and marriage to spread her wings, expand her experiences, embrace her age and enjoy life to the fullest!

On the brink of an abyss, divorced from a marriage devoid of both love and desire, Morgana felt isolated and alone. Her conservative upbringing did not acknowledge sexuality, and her marriage denied her of any sexual happiness or pleasure. Unable to imagine herself with such a bleak and lonely future, Morgana decided that she at least needed to experience sexual pleasure once in her life. She booked an escort and planned a trip to the city…

Morgana Muse and sex after 60, dating advice and mature dating

“The night was such a revelation for me, I felt like I came alive again… I realized I was still a sexual being and I could experience pleasure. I wanted to explore more”.

From dark depression to physical awakening, Morgana saw her 50th as incredibly positive. A time of great exploration and discovery around ownership of her body. Turning fifty taught her that age really was just a number, and that “there is no expiration date on your sexuality”. She also realized that “experience is sexy” and sees ageing as an adventure, reclaiming her power and sexuality with the attitude that “given it is inevitable, we should embrace our age and live like we want to”!

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But turning fifty was not without its challenges. Initially, Morgana “felt incredibly invisible”. She thought, “well f**k, if I am invisible, then what does it matter”? She experienced first-hand what it was like to be a “50+” woman re-entering the workforce, knowing that society venerates youth. Morgana Muse’s journey of self-discovery and professional independence led her to start writing, performing and producing erotic films, taking on many of society’s stereotypes and taboos along the way, particularly those imposed on people in older age groups.

Morgana Muse and dating advice for women, mature women and mature men

Her Instagram account, @morganamuses is a constant and positive reminder that it is never too late to rediscover yourself emotionally and sexually. “My core message is really that there isn’t an end date on human sexuality”. For her younger followers, her sexual exploration offers a pathway forward, letting them know that it is not shameful to seek out sexual pleasure, and to her older followers, that they are not alone in their struggle to find sexual happiness.

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Morgana is excited to get back to filming with her production company, Permission4Pleasure, and revealed to So50 that they are working on early pre-production of a new erotic film about threesomes, and all the human intricacies those relationships can open up for us. She is also looking forward to travelling again, to Europe, both for herself and her art… she sees Berlin as her spiritual home, and made her film, “Having My Cake” in Paris.

Many of us spend our lives searching for sexual freedom and satisfaction. It is through Morgana Muse’s epiphany and journey that we can be inspired to let go of hang-ups and pre-conceived expectations, and to use the self-confidence that comes with age and experience to explore and find our happiness.

You can learn more about Morgana Muses through the documentary of her life,

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