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Leslie Bradford-Scott, 56, Canada

“My childhood dream was to be a writer and a pilot”.

We all have dreams when we are young. Many of us think we may have missed the opportunity to fulfil them, but Leslie Bradford-Scott’s story will inspire you to not give up on your dreams.

Leslie revealed to So50 that her father once told her “Girls don’t fly airplanes, and you’ll never make money as a writer. You’re not smart enough”. These stereotypical beliefs, a difficult childhood and a failed marriage were not enough to deter her. “I never gave up on my dream to become a writer”, Leslie said. She studied the craft of screenwriting, and to her credit, went on to win two international screenwriting competitions. At 45 years of age, she became happily married to a pilot with an instructor’s licence. With his support and tuition, she earned her private pilot’s licence with a float plane rating… Her “faith in love and life was restored”. At almost 50 years old, Leslie launched a company, making bath and beauty products from her kitchen. Using her proven writing talents to promote the business in a competitive market, she has grown her company, Walton Wood Farm into the successful brand it is today.

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When asked about the positive changes she experienced, and the ‘superpowers’ she developed from age 50, Leslie enthusiastically speaks of her increasing capacity to stay current. “I feel like I am in university every day, and I am certain I am getting faster as I age instead of slowing down”. Not only can she fly an aeroplane, but she has also learned to play guitar and piano. She firmly believes that by exercising her natural creativity every day, it becomes the source of an “endless flow of ideas”… That has become her ‘superpower’! Hence, Leslie’s recipe for aging happily is to continue expanding her mind, engaging in hobbies that bring her joy, and a lifestyle that keeps her healthy. Similarly, Leslie’s advice to those struggling with ageing would be to listen to podcasts, “they are such a source of inspiration, creativity and knowledge”, and also to “find a hobby that will engage your mind, body, or soul”.

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We asked Leslie what she thought was ‘sexy’ about an ageing body, and she responded with “I think it is sexy not to worry about what people think about you, your body, or your work”. She adds that she’s learned to forgive herself for her mistakes. “In short, the confidence that comes with ‘owning myself’, flaws and all, is sexy”!

Looking forward, Leslie is excited about the two podcasts (@rewritingdad / @15minutewisdom) she has launched in the last year, along with the expansion of her brand ( @waltonwoodfarm ) .

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As someone who has followed her dreams, Leslie proudly states “Today, I am an entrepreneur, CEO, writer, pilot, and public speaker”. Take encouragement from her advice that “some people are just late bloomers”, and gain inspiration from her success!

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