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Emma - Grey after 50...

love after 50 - Ageing Reframed Series - Image by Magno Barros - SO50

Emma - Ageing Reframed Series

"In Italy it's still mandatory to dye your hair because to be sexy one cannot be gray"

This attitude was highlighted this week, when Lisa LaFlamme, a 58-year-old Canadian news anchor, was unfairly dismissed from her job of 12 years simply for embracing her natural gray hair.

Gray hair is a beautiful aspect of one's appearance that should be embraced, not hidden.

It is a natural part of the ageing process but is often associated with being "old" and "unsexy." This has led many women to feel pressure to cover up their greys with dye. This perception is starting to change as more women embrace their gray hair and proudly show it off.

This shift in attitude is allowing women to feel confident and proud of their natural hair, regardless of its color. It is a positive step towards promoting self-acceptance and encouraging women to feel comfortable in their own skin.

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Ageing Reframed

Pictures have the power to tell a story, and changing the picture can change the story. Positive ageing advocate and So50 founder, Magno Barros, uses his unique blend of photography

and AI to challenge traditional views of ageing.

Magno's images showcase the beauty and strength of older adults, instead of perpetuating negative stereotypes of frailty and decline. His subjects are depicted as proud, confident,

and independent, with their maturity – such as grey hair and wrinkles – accentuated and celebrated. The jewellery they wear symbolises the wealth of knowledge and wisdom they have gained through life experience.

By embracing technology, Magno sets an example of how it is never too late to take on new challenges and experiences. At 56 years old, he is a testament to the idea that age is

just a number and that it is possible to continue growing and evolving, no matter what our birth certificate may say.


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