Cooking with finger limes...

I'm joining friends for a weekend in Bonnie Doon, a region made famous by the movie, "The Castle". I want to treat them to a special meal and I've decided to try a new ingredient: finger limes.

I am not a chef but I've picked up some tricks over the years. I love nothing more than trying new foods and new ingredients, and there's no better way to do this than with friends.

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It was such a treat to have this experience in Bonnie Doon. I took an early morning walk to enjoy the hills, the kangaroos, the sound of cockatoos... It was a thrilling start to a memorable day.

The day got better and better, delicious "Apple Juice Overnight Oats" for breakfast, something I never tried before, and smoke trout, roasted beetroot hummus, olives, bread, juicy tomatoes, cucumbers and vino for lunch... yum!

Finger limes were a hit! They made an appearance on entrées, main and dessert but most of all, made for a great conversation, new experience for all and an unforgettable night.

If you enjoy comedy, I recommend you watch "The Castle". It's a fun Australian film with an uplifting story, inspiring characters and our film location, Bonnie Doon.


If you are curious and want to give finger limes a go, download my recipes below and enjoy a delicious Pavlova topped with some "Australian caviar".

Hope you love it as much as we did!

Click below to download our pavlova recipe...

Best Pavlova Recipe SO50
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