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3 Delicious and Easy Oyster Recipes

Travel is an opportunity for new experiences.

One of the things I enjoy the most about traveling is the opportunity to try new dishes and I did just that when I visited an oyster farm on the East Coast of Australia. After flipping oyster bags in the ocean, I headed out to Wheeler's restaurant to try some of their famous oyster dishes.

They were delicious and I ended up in the kitchen chatting with the chef and seeing how he prepared three of my favourite oysters: Shanghai, Kilpatrick and the Japanese...

Back in Melbourne, I decided to recreate some of those flavours adding my own twist and using ingredients I already had in my kitchen.

Join me as I recreate these delicious oyster recipes at home.

Each week I will post a new oyster recipe, so follow me on this culinary adventure and find out if I can prepare oysters as well as i can flip their bags in the ocean.

See you next time...

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Arros So50


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