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Adelina Winfield, 64, New York

If you ask Adelina about life after 50, she will probably say “Life is grayt!”

Originally from Brooklyn and previously a fashion designer, the 64-year-old silver hair model and grandmother evolved into a successful “Silver Hair Model”, inspiring people of all ages not just to embrace their “grey”, but also to embrace life!

Adelina was in her 50s when the company she designed for let her go. She was forced to try different things – “I sold vintage clothing online, wrote a children’s book, and relocated. I never stopped moving". It’s that ability to continue “moving” – learning and growing – that has enabled Adelina to remain visible and relevant, to re-invent herself and become a fabulous example to so many.

Photos by @SusieLang

She realized that when we are younger we may have a career, a partner, family, and that these things can be our raison d’etre... But our situation changes – children leave home, we divorce or downsize, “and what once defined you, shifts”. With that realization Adelina said she “felt free to be me, and empowered by not caring what others think”. She chose to let her hair go grey. Now she is a silver hair model and has a business selling T-shirts focussing on silver-haired women! The culture of the fashion industry is traditionally a “celebration of youth”, but “women of my generation are changing the narrative”… Who’d have thought that a clothing business celebrating silver haired women could become successful?!

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Her positive attitude and belief that “getting older doesn’t mean you have to look, feel, and act old”. That “getting older is really getting better” resonates with Adelina’s followers – at least 50% of those followers are mostly under 50! She is actually inspiring them as they age, to live life with joy. Her advice is relevant to all ages, including those who are struggling with ageing… “Don’t take detours from your dreams. Don’t be afraid to take chances”. Rather than being self-absorbed, “Look out and LIVE!” And, as you grow older, “embrace your uniqueness, embrace joyful things, and embrace life!”

Becoming a silver hair model took Adelina totally by surprise, but she is very excited to continue on this path, representing women over 50, through her modelling, with her T-shirt business, her blog and on Instagram @flygrannybk . She is sharing the message that the joy of life is possible for any age, race or gender. Adelina gains her own inspiration from the style of @tonsorialist_mrdexx and the amazing life of the beautiful @annikavonholdt

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Adelina realized through her own life experience and ageing, that “one has to reinvent oneself, and that’s what I have done”. “I am grateful for the mindset to do so… and for my grey hairs which changed my perspective”. That Adelina has taken a defining aspect of ageing and chosen to celebrate it in such a positive light, is a shining example and great motivation for others to do the same.

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