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Mystery Walk


Come out and enjoy some fresh air and celebrate the delights of St Kilda on a socially-distanced Mystery Walk this Saturday, 2nd October, 10am.
You and your group* will be guided digitally along a 1.5km course, with waypoints revealed via QR codes along the route. You will discover important landmarks, learn about the neighbourhood's history, and take full advantage of our new freedoms.

Walk participants will depart at their own time between [10-10.30am] from Catani Gardens, where you will scan the first QR code to discover where to go next. The exact location of the first QR code will be revealed when you press START. This button will be activated at 10am, on the day of the Mystery Walk.

RSVP through the form below to participate.

This activity is COVID-safe and aligned with Health Minister's guidelines.

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