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We are almost done! We hope you’re enjoying the park.

In front of you is the Fresh Water Lake. Turn right and have a look at the wooden jetty.
At ACF Macnamara, we believe nature is everyone's business. We all rely on clean water, air and soil, a safe climate and a healthy planet and we campaign to keep it that way.

ACF recently launched the ‘Together We Can’ campaign to bring everyday people, groups and businesses from all over the country together to share their stories.  


This initiative was created based on the results of a recent poll on which environmental issue?
a) The extinction crisis
b) Land clearing
c) Climate change


Are you interested in our advocacy work? At the next and last station, you’ll find ways to connect with us or join us in our next event!


Now, just follow the ribbons to the ACF booth and you’ll be there in no time! Alternatively, follow the map by clicking here.  This is a 4 minute or 300 m walk.