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Welcome to ACF Macnamara’s Nature Walk & Trivia Event! 

ACF Macnamara would like to welcome you to the beautiful WESTGATE PARK.  

You are currently at the Todd Road Carpark and ACF Macnamara’s Check in Booth.


Please check-in via the Service Victoria App using the QR code provided here. 

After that, we will provide you with information on how to start the walk following the QR codes along the track.

There are 6 stops along today’s trail, each with a trivia question about that location.  Be sure to keep a record of your answer, as we’ll be covering these at the TRIVIA EVENT next week. 
Starting at the SALTWATER (PINK) LAKE - STOP 1, today’s walk will take you along a 3.4 km trail.  Friends of Westgate Park, now known as Westgate Biodiversity was initially established by Naomie Sunner, a 19 year-old student who discovered the neglected lands while trekking along the Yarra.  With the help of Tony Flude, Rob Youl and, critically, George Fotheringham Westgate Biodiversity has transformed this erstwhile unloved space into the haven for indigenous plants and wildlife you’re standing in today.

You can see the Saltwater Lake from here. This is your FIRST STOP. Find the QR, click on it and follow the instructions. Good luck with the TRIVIA questions and enjoy the NATURE WALK and the WESTGATE PARK!

We hope you enjoy today’s walk and we look forward to seeing all your wonderful faces at next week’s ‘super cheesy’ trivia event!

This activity is COVID-safe and aligned with Health Minister's guidelines.

- COVID regulation details

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