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Sculpture Trail

There are eight sculptures along the Bay Trail (where you are!) They are made from sandstone, granite and iron bark, and represent the connection between their location and these materials. 

Sculptures were installed in 1989-1990, can you find the name of the sculptor?
At ACF Macnamara, we Connect, protect & restore nature by helping to maintain and restore the park during our Planting and Propagation Days. Come along to our next event and get your hands dirty with us!




After you find the sculptures you have 2 options;

- Long walk: keep walking on the paved path and under the Westgate Bridge and you’ll find yourself along the Yarra River (follow the ribbons!) or the map clicking here.  There is now an 11 min /950m walk to the next stop.  

- Short walk: Alternatively, you can return from here, turning right toward Fresh Water Lake,  skipping the Yarra River Stop