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8 Victoria St

St Kilda

You would never guess number 12 is a continuation of the Victorian terrace at numbers 10 and 12.
Built sometime in the mid 1860s as six-roomed terraces. 

Over time it's been used as a holiday residence, and a 'boarding' house. 

It's currently owned by architect Alex Njoo Grab tells us that "around 1926-27 somebody renovated this place and redid the whole thing, making it into a hybrid of Edwardian, Federation, Victorian… Some of the windows like those on the front of the cottages next door were relocated and used as the side windows for this house. There’s a bit of Queen Anne as well, with the little oriel stained-glass windows. So, it has all these little elements. Internally it still has a lot of late Victorian features, like the pediments above the doors".



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